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  • Britain has some of the best universities in the world

  • And where better to perfect your English?

  • British colleges offer first class vocational training qualifications, and university preparation

  • and Britain has many famous boarding schools

  • Education in Britain
    for the road ahead

Light that fire!

Finding the right course for the road ahead

Whatever you come to study in Britain, you will have a memorable tour, you will meet fellow students from all the world and you will have the opportunity to meet teachers and academics of the highest quality. And one thing is certain, and that is that your English will be transformed by the experience. Using English with your friends, your colleagues, your teachers, in shops and pubs and offices, on the street or on the playing field or just watching the evening news, your language will become richer and more fluent. If you're attending a boarding school, or vocational training, or studying business or technology, that fluency and richness are by-products of a multi-dimensional and unforgettable experience. Get an education in Britain and light that fire!

Our aim on this site is to guide international students and agents to websites where they can most effectively pursue course research - for university degree programmes, for college professional, vocational and pre-university training, for boarding schools and of course for English language training.


Globally recognised qualifications and fluency in English will open new doors.


Combine your choice of subjects and fine tune your studies.


Accreditation is taken very seriously and institutions are subjected to close scrutiny.


It's for you to make the best of your opportunities. That's the challenge..